Get Found Online


Many people already familiar with the subject of Search Engine Optimization tend to cringe when they hear that dreaded Acronym, S-E-O.

At Medspa Marketing, a top SEO agency in Toronto, we fully understand this. Unfortunately, many larger marketing agencies have abandoned the tried and true SEO practices, and simply tried to cut costs and reduce SEO down to spammy tactics that simply aren’t effective with Google anymore. While those practices may work in smaller markets, they won’t work when your website needs to consistently rank well and drive a decent number of leads.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, simply stated, is a process of doing many different actions on your website so that it is favored in Search Engines. Of course meaning primarily Google, and specifically, so that your website ranks on the first page of Google, therefore driving what we call “Organic” leads. This means you are not paying for each lead that comes in, they come in “organically” through searches from prospective users.

But what is it really?

In our books, SEO is not one simple thing. It is the combination of actions taken on your website, from the very beginning of its creation, to be precise, originally written content, all the way through to monthly precise analysis of progress in rankings against Ranking Factors recommended by Google (linking, on-page optimization, adding content, etc.) to ensure your rankings are maintained, continuing to drive in users to your business. Even when we get your rankings to page one, our job is far from over: the competition is only constantly increasing and we have to continually analyze and make improvements to your website to ensure those rankings don’t drop. This constant improvement and analysis is part of what makes us one of the top SEO agencies in Toronto, providing SEO to clients all over Canada. (not to mention other countries).

Keywords, Don’t Get Scammed

One common way you can be misled in SEO is a company bragging about getting you ranking for keywords that have no search traffic. For example, if you want to rank for “Medical Spa” you may be impressed that you are ranking for “Medical Spa in Toronto”. It sounds great, but no one is searching for that - all the search traffic is connected to Toronto. Don’t be misled by this tactic, if you are ranking for something worthwhile, you should be getting leads into your business as a direct result of your ranking, if that keyword is worthwhile in terms of search traffic.At Medspa Marketing, with our search engine optimization in Toron to, we research the keywords and traffic at the outset to ensure the keywords we are targeting are the ones that will drive leads.At the end of the day, that is the most important factor here and is the purpose of our marketing: to dramatically increase your business through the internet.